Technology is the currency that powers Mobpair as an organization from the inception of a product idea to deploying it, it has been Mobpair’s mission to employ technology with empathy and understanding to solve the unique problems of World. Mobpair has harnessed technology to drive path-breaking, the customer-focused innovation that makes high-quality products accessible to the world, besides making the extremely complicated products in a best possible way and highest quality standards, we have always tried to make the product easiest and the most intuitive for our end users.

At Mobpair, technology serves a purpose. Innovation drives solutions. And we firmly believe that the…

The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Following is a short glance at the technology stacks we are currently using

  • Programming languages – Php, NodeJs, Java and Python are some of the most used programming languages at Mobpair, we integrate computation and programming in an easy-to-use environment where most of the objectives are represented by mathematical notation.
  • Operating System – We at Mobpair use a customized flavour of Linux as our major operating system for most of our staff besides Linux, Macintosh and Windows is also used whenever works demand the requirement for them
  • Frameworks – YII, Koa are some of the well-known frameworks that we have been using for our product development for its awesome capabilities that speed up development and, as a result, reduce costs and TTM (time to market)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – with the power of python and rich libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Keras and many more, we are enhancing our products using cutting edge technologies and models from AI/ML/RL. We also use TenserFlow framework.
  • Web server – Nginx. Nginx is a powerful HTTP and proxy server that speeds up content delivery ensures Mobpair’s security and scalability. Not only we reap the benefits of Nginx; tech industry giants like Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb uses NGinx too. We also managing and optimising all kind of linux flavoured servers including CENTOS, UBUNTU, FEDORA, REDHAT, DEBIAN
  • Queuing System – We have always made our products which are fastest, securest and also most intuitive to use. To achieve our goals we have used queuing systems like Apache-Kafka and RabbitMQ
  • Cloud storage –   Digital Ocean and Amazon clouds are our best partners in everything that we have ever hosted. We prefer them because they are best and used by industry giants like Quora, Flipkart, OLA and Uber.
  • Big Data tools – Druid, Superset, Docker and Kubernets are few of our best friends when it comes to big data  management and analysis

Above lookout is a superficial gaze towards what we have been using, apart from above technologies we have also been doing some good research in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science. Using the best & cutting-edge technology is not just a blazing requirement but its also our passion